The Painful Loss


Michael Gray

October 9, 2013 –

American Fork started the game against Lehi in the rain. The only thing missing was the mud, though  It would have been fun to watch them play in the mud. Tanner Smith ran a tough 1 yard touchdown. Zach Katoa dashed to the outside for a 1 yard touchdown which put American Fork up by 14 in the first quarter. I thought the Cavemen would easily thump the Pioneers with a couple more touchdowns. Unfortunately, that was when they had a hard time moving the ball. Second half things got out of control. It was nothing but turnover after turnover. Lehi had 31 unanswered points. I don’t get why AF abandoned the running game. It was hard to watch. Everybody was frustrated. Luckily, Nate Heaps grabbed a 5 yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter. They lost 31-21.
My heart goes out to the team. It was heartbreaking when they had a great start and then just fell apart.

Michael Gray is a current UVU student and alumnus of AFHS. He writes game recaps for American Fork High School as an intern at Shae Goodwin and Associates LL